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Five Drabbles You Never Wrote

A Fic Challenge Community

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What Is It?

5drabbles is yet another fic challenge community, this one based around the "Five Things That Never Happened" idea. Not sure what that is? You can find some Buffy the Vampire Slayer-based examples at the Five Things Archive, along with some background information about the origins of the challenge. Need more examples? Try this multi-fandom archive.

So what makes this community different? When you write a "Five Things" story for us, each section should be exactly 100 words long! That's right -- our stories are comprised of five drabbles strung together into one larger story.

How Does It Work?

This is a very laid-back, low-pressure community. There are no claims, no deadlines, and very few rules. Want to participate? All you have to do is join the community, write a story, and post it! It's that simple!

One thing to bear in mind -- each story is made up of five drabbles. Don't post your five drabbles separately; please put all five together into one story. If you want to write a second story -- and I encourage you all to write as many of these as your heart desires -- then that's five more drabbles.

Here's a hint: "Five Things" stories work best when each section deals with a common theme. For example: "Five Chances Severus Snape Never Took" or "Five Dreams River Tam Never Had" or maybe "Five Things Lex Luthor Wishes He Had Said." (Feel free to steal those examples, by the way!:) DON'T just string five unrelated drabbles together and call it a "Five Things" story. That's just cheating. ;) Please DO be as creative with your themes and titles as you can be. Have fun with it; go crazy!

Prompts, Rules, FAQ, Etcetera

I do have a list of prompts to get your creative writing muscles all warmed-up and ready to go, as it were. If none of these prompts inspires you, feel free to ignore them. If they do inspire you, please use them in whatever way works best for you -- you can pick one prompt and use it as the central theme for your entire story, or you can pick five prompts and use one per section. However you want to use these prompts is fine with me. Click here to get the prompts!

Please read the Rules and FAQ before posting for the first time. Any questions can be asked there in the comments section.

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If you'd like to affiliate your community with 5drabbles, please email me at melodyunity [at] yahoo [dot] com. I'll add you right away!